Paul Weckle 

Inventor of NeuroConnecting

Following 19 years in the ordained ministry, Paul was led to retool himself, becoming a massage therapist with certifications in many energy manipulation protocols.

After dealing with multiple very difficult, non-responsive accident victims a search began to take place that would answer the question… “Why doesn’t hypertonistic tissue remember the improvements we gained previously?”  This led to the eventual creation of a brand new energy protocol that is called NeuroConnecting.  Through NeuroConnecting, it is possible to identify AND reverse brain trauma, as well as muscle and tissue trauma… thus boosting the ability of the body to heal at many higher levels.

Short term memory loss…



Inefficient organ function…

All of the above dysfunctions can be addressed, put back on-line via the CNS and instantly the body resumes functioning at a higher level of homeostasis.

Paul travels extensively across the U.S. teaching new students this revolutionary protocol as well as healing clients on a “by appointment only” basis.

A PhD study is in the works that will communicate to the entire world that there is a new way to gain access to injured brain tissue, via NeuroConnecting.  Boosting brain to brain communication as well as brain to organ tissue communication.

Diane Ingersoll

1926846_839749702724759_6524973994863324115_nI am Paul’s 2nd oldest daughter.  I reside in Peabody, MA with my husband Caleb.  I have worked with my Dad helping him with many areas of his company, specifically with scheduling since 2008.  I also work as the administrative assistant at my church, where my husband is the lead pastor.  We have one child-Jillian Joy.  I love to travel, cook, spend quality time with people, and I enjoy watching movies.  If you have questions, give me a call and I’ll do my best to help make things clearer for you.