MD Gives Recommendation

I am writing today as a concerned parent of a disabled child.  Clearly, these are confusing times in healthcare……


Heather A.

I met Paul a few years ago via some friends.  At the time of meeting Paul, I had suffered from debilitating migraine headaches for about 30 years.  I had seen several medical doctors none of which could offer any relief from the headaches.  Just very expensive tests that resulted in a prescription of yet another pricey drug that only treated the effect of the migraine […]

Elizabeth F.- Metro Detroit Michigan

For more then 4 years, I have not been able to work due to a severe anxiety and depression disorder. I was heavily medicated to just exist but I wasn’t living and still lived with effects of the meds or the illness.. I also am a single mom that over the last year had to let my ex husband have the kids and me extended […]