In August of 2008 I was able to take a soldier with me and presented to the U.S. Army the ability of NeuroConnecting to identify and address a severe TBI situation.  I was able to do this for Col. Heidi Terrio and Dr. Lonnie Nelson at Ft. Carson, Colorado.  It was Col. Terrio’s conclusion that NeuroConnecting was a worthwhile tool that the Army could use, but there needed to be a formal study to prove that NeuroConnecting could be scientifically repeated and measured.   At that point, the US Army would examine the results and determine the next course of action, potentially creating a NeuroConnecting Training program for their personnel.

Current note:  Since 2008 a lot of water has crossed under the “bridge.”  I have not been able (this is 2015) to create a study for NeuroConnecting as of yet.

I am still hopeful that at some point the right conditions will take place that will enable me to do this study.  IF YOU HAVE ANY INTEREST IN SUPPORTING A STUDY OF THIS CATEGORY… please communicate with me.

I thank you for your support and assistance.