For more then 4 years, I have not been able to work due to a severe anxiety and depression disorder. I was heavily medicated to just exist but I wasn’t living and still lived with effects of the meds or the illness.. I also am a single mom that over the last year had to let my ex husband have the kids and me extended visit simply because being mom was very difficult. I lived my life and routine to close myself in my own world to cater to my needs.

After hearing about Pauls work though a social network and reading Pauls cases he has had, I decided it was time to see him for this Neuroconnecting. It was worth a shot.

August 29–Once Paul was able to determine that my body was “off line” Without giving him details of things I dealt with. He quickly found that my pineal gland was troubled. After working that area longer then what he considers normal, he told me that area was better. He also picked up on several areas that I was use to being a problem with. He also worked those areas and got those “online”.

Now, asking Paul questions about my Pineal Gland, He told me that it helps many functions in your body…including emotional and mental. (He mentioned other areas as well but I didnt pay much attention after hearing emotional…LOL)

The other areas Paul picked up on was digestive tract and syatic nerve

Now, the treatment truly is device free, no oils or smells or massage. Before and even during, I had no idea how in the world he could ‘fix’ things with barely even touching. During, watching what he does, looked weird, and was slightly skeptical. But I also know that there is much we dont know and understand.

That night, Paul said Id be tired. I was, but it was like a tired I dont think I ever felt before. It was a peaceful Tired. I started reflecting on how I always feel at night and tired and came to realize that the tired I was use to feeling was a painful tired on an emotional level. Every night I ached mentally…Not this night.

The next day, I started it like I always have, my habits and routine that I built for myself. In the middle of my second cup of coffee I felt very odd. I quickly realized I was drinking coffee like I always did to get myself moving for another day. But this day was different. I was already AWAKE, in a good mood. My odd feeling was a caffeine overload.

That first whole day was a huge change and realization. I missed out on more then 4 years of living. It is going to take some time to get to know who I am. Catch up on what I have missed out on. I will be making new habits and routine to go along with my new life. I truly am amazed at how much it has made a difference. It isnt just me that notices.. the people I am close to as well. Every day they look at me and see me do even more things that I NEVER would have done before. It truly is exciting going through this but also for others watch me develop.

Before seeing Paul, my anxiety was so bad that even thinking about trying to live normal again without anxiety and it caused panic attacks.

Anyone that deals with anything close to what I did know how it feels. You know what Im talking about. I know it doesn’t seem possible….

I look forward to seeing Paul again. Im excited to see how much more my life can change. Im feeling great but I want to see him every time he visits fo make sure I am still doing good. I dont want to take a chance of even slipping a little. Will I have to see him forever, probably not but will…lol

Thank You so much Paul